YES YES YES!!!! We use child labor!  We, here at FlyNine Designs, are very busy doing sweet + creative FlyNine things all the while trying to squeeze in quality family bonding.

However, on one cold winter evening, after the gut wrenching quarterly Dance payment came out and the nightly fight from our crotch goblins about dinner dishes was currently underway, we thought it was stupid of us not to utilize the work labor that we were currently paying a small fortune to have.

After all, when you add up the $2/L in our gas guzzling- jacked up Ram 1500 that it takes to get to Brownies and Dance 3 times a week + the dance festival fees + the x3 $80 dance costumes + $100 jazz shoes (that are gown out of every 6 months) + $20 a pair tights (that's at least 10 pairs a year, because of course, we need a clean/new pair for all 6 festivals/recitals) oh yeah AND the festival fees PLUS all the food these yard apes eat ..... yeah we put their asses to work 😉

Also, I have fancy ass fake nails which makes putting on earring posts incredibly hard to do so I might as well make my tiny fingered crib lizards do it for me lol



But don't worry, we still pay them VERY well. See that phone beside the 10 year old in pink on the right? Yeah, she bought that + her own 16 inch touchscreen Chromebook with her own money that she worked for.... because, apparently, I am a mean mom and when I said I won't buy her a Chromebook because I think she can use the free Chromebook provided by the school, well, she saved up her paychecks and bought her own 😘


Disclaimer for all the Karen's out there: This is a joke in case you can't tell and also really good advertising showing that we are a solid family business teaching our children how to become successful by working hard in life. Yes, they help us and yes, they are good kids. They are extremally well taken care of, so don't bother with calling the authorities because I have food in the pantry and the girls wear name brand clothes. And don't worry, the little one can't read well (thanks covid) so she's the one who does all the tagging of the offensive KeyCharms we make lol ( see I'm a good mom sheltering my kids)


Thanks for reading!
Ashley + Darryl + Ellianna + Annabelle