Pointy Animal Face Keychain

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This handy keychain looks adorbs on your wristlet.
Available in 4 shapes and right now 5 colors ( colors will come and go with stock availability)
These unique keychains are selling out in stores. 
Please note, these are not sold as self defense keychains. We are not responsible for any liability in regards to any damage. This is just a keychain that is pointy
DISCLAIMER FOR THE TYPE OF PEOPLE WHO NEED INSTRUCTIONS ON SHAMPOO BOTTLES: This product along with accessories, sold by FlyNine Designs or any affiliate acting as an agent selling FlyNine Designs products, are NOT to be used or carried with the intent to hurt another person or animals. The wristlet and or accessories on the said wristlet are strictly for use on stationary objects. FlyNine Designs and affiliate agents are NOT responsible nor liable in any criminal or legal case involving any of our products being carried or used by any individual to hurt another individual or animal. It is the responsibility of the buyer to adhere to local, provincial and federal laws in Canada in regards to the possession and use of any and all items sold by FlyNine Designs and affiliated selling agents. It is also the responsibility of the buyer, not FlyNine Designs or an affiliate agent selling FlyNine Designs, to be aware of federal import restrictions on any and all items sold by FlyNine Designs before agreeing to purchase.

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